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The Jolly Washer: Somers Point's Premier Pressure Washing Services

Concrete cleaning

Are you a resident of the greater Somers Point region and you're tired of working with less than reliable pressure washing services? Worry no more, because The Jolly Washer has got you covered!

Below you'll find just a few of our pressure washing specialty areas. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about what we can do for you.

  • Dumpster area cleaning: The dumpster area of your building can be one of the grossest, most unsanitary locations on your property. Nobody wants to be in charge of cleaning that area, which is why you would be wise to hire someone else to take care of it. We've been in this business for so long that we're no strangers to dumpster area cleaning. Let us take care of it for you so that you don't need to deal with this gross task.
  • Parking garage cleaning: You want people to feel safe and comfortable parking in your property's parking garage. The best way to achieve that is to hire a commercial pressure washing company, such as The Jolly Washer, to give it a deep, thorough scrubbing, both inside and out. We offer parking garage cleaning for all our clients, and no structure is too big or too small for us to handle.
  • Graffiti removal: Graffiti can be an eyesore on the side of your building, and it can also be extremely difficult to wash off of most surfaces. Luckily, our contractor-grade equipment was designed to blast away all traces of paint and color without causing any damage to the surfaces underneath. If you're looking for a reliable graffiti removal service in Somers Point, then you should turn to The Jolly Washer.

To find out more about our pressure washing services in Somers Point, please call us at 609-757-8847.

Take Advantage of Somers Point's Premier Roof Cleaning Service

Cleaning the roof of your Somers Point home or business can be extremely difficult and dangerous if you don't have the right equipment, knowledge, or experience. Rather than putting yourself in such a situation where you need to clean it on your own, we recommend that you hire The Jolly Washer to handle it for you instead. We'll get up on your roof and blast away all the mold, mildew, moss, and other unwanted substances for good.

Hire Somers Point's Top House Washing Service Today

If you want the full pressure washing package, we advise you to check out our Somers Point house washing offer. With this service, we'll clean your entire home's exterior from top to bottom, making sure we eliminate all the gunk and grime that's been accumulating for years. After we're done, you'll have a chance to step back and marvel at what we've accomplished, and we know you'll be impressed.

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